Things you should know about the EssEmm’s Food Processing Equipment

25 Nov 2020

Food processing initially was a process identified to build a protective layer against surface microbial activity that resulted in rapid decay. The modern food processing technology, developed in the late 19th and 20th centuries, was primarily to serve the military forces. The dawn of the 20th century saw advancements including freeze-drying, juice concentrate, artificial sweeteners, evaporation, colouring agents, spray drying and food preservatives like sodium benzoate to enhance productivity. Overall, these advances led to the growth of food processing industry in general.

Food processing technology:

Food processing is a blanket term that refers to enhancing the food consistency and digestibility of different foods, thereby eliminating toxins and maintaining their shelf life. EssEmm Corporation is a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of quality commercial kitchen equipment serving major restaurant and hotels chains, in addition to industrial canteens, institutions, cafes, catering companies, hospital kitchens, QSR chains, juice centres, bakery and RTEs and RTCs. EssEmm’s Universal Food Processing Machine is built to prepare Indian base masalas, jams, sauces, condensed milk, candid fruit, Indian sweets, etc. Its intended function is to retain the colour and taste during the process and in record time. In other words, the EssEmm Food Processing Machine turns raw materials into food products that can be consumed.

Features of EssEmm Food Processing Machine

The EssEmm Universal Food Processing Machine is perfect for small, medium and mid-size food processing companies. It comes with an in-built internal steam generator of up to 70 litre- capacity machine. It features a heating and cooling system, bowl tilting system and pneumatic extrusion. CIP (Clean-in-place) is included to clean process equipment cost-effectively and efficiently without having to disassemble and reassemble the components.

Other technical specifications:

With automatic program with 7 phases, it comes with a variable speed of 30-3000 rpm. Built to save on space and labour, the Universal Food Processing Machine from EssEmm spells innovation and high technological capability with the consumer market turning to be sophisticated and demanding. Hence EssEmm, as a food processing equipment manufacturer, considers optimal design and construction for world-class performance and efficiency.