Today’s Institutional kitchen equipment

24 Nov 2020

The demands of today’s institutional kitchens are sky-high.  With hygiene and food safety & security concerns higher than ever before, especially post COVID-19, the right use of commercial kitchen equipment is essential for a sustainable and low-maintenance operation.  Today’s institutional kitchen primarily depends on five factors while planning and designing one.


Optimal design of the kitchen space is vital to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Usually, this dictates the commercial kitchen equipment required, and consequently, how it can impact the overall workflow, floor space and design/layout planning of the kitchen. This will help identify what general and specialized equipment is required including the quality and size of the equipment depending upon the volume (bulk/batch) and frequency of cooking and other processes.

Development Process:

Managing institutional kitchen project can be daunting at any stage as the business owner has to wade through a gamut of technical details, product specifications and legal obligations. Also, even when the right kitchen machine is installed, meeting targets and realization of the intended plan is a challenging task, particularly when it involves any local and government approvals or compliances and building activities.


There will be times when specific processes require other people to comply with a set of system that should be designed to make sure the operation is manageable in an organized and consistent manner. This involves a wide range of functions including food handling, rosters, cleaning, maintenance & schedules, routines and many more.


Financing a commercial kitchen can either make or break a deal. Is the kitchen space for utilization owned or leased? Is the kitchen equipment range required to be purchased or acquired on lease, least of which that is not for regular use?


Industry kitchen equipment is used in a wide range of functions and applications that require tedious manual labour and are complex by nature. EssEmm is a leading commercial equipment manufacturer and supplier for institutions and industrial canteens. Though purchasing commercial kitchen machines can be capital-intensive at the start, they bring about economies of scale operation, cost reduction, lower maintenance and faster delivery.