Why the commercial vegetable dicer is the most versatile commercial kitchen machine?

20 Dec 2020

Why commercial vegetable dicer for commercial kitchens?

The utility of commercial kitchens such as central kitchens and community kitchens has ensured that commercial kitchen equipment will play a major role in the continuance of food industry. At a time when “economies of scale” is significant in the scheme of things, a commercial kitchen machine such as the vegetable dicer is proving to be indispensible and versatile in operation. The biggest advantage of a commercial vegetable dicer actually lies in spending less time in cutting, chopping and dicing the vegetables. Time is such an essential commodity in the commercial kitchen that investing in a commercial vegetable dicer can enable chefs to focus on the core tasks for establishments like restaurants, hotels, bakery, hospital kitchens, industrial canteens, catering companies, institutions, QSR chains, RTE and RTC, etc.

Technical specifications of Cosmos Turbo Dicer

The commercial dicer from the house of EssEmm, Cosmos Turbo Dicer, is specially manufactured for extracting finely diced cuts of vegetables and fruits. The Turbo Dicer is built with the capacity from 3mm up to 2mm in terms of precision level. It comes with a processing capability of up to 1000kg/hour. Most fruits and vegetables and even delicate produce like tomatoes and onion can be processed. The Turbo Dicing Blade System is quite flexible and its main application is strip cutting and slicing of vegetables.

A variable speed controller comes inbuilt to dice sensitive products such as strawberries. Application-wise, the Cosmos Turbo Dicer is built for dicing, slicing and strip cuts, and features a capacity for up to 1000 kgs/per hour. It powers a range of cut sizes from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 mm. The blade system is interchangeable for cutting to produce various shapes and sizes. A safety cut off feature enhances safety operation. Are you looking for the right food processing equipment for your commercial kitchen, don’t go any further than EssEmm? Get in touch with us. Here is the product video for more details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUFM3vnPyDM&feature=emb_logo