Commercial Cooking Kettle for modern day central kitchen

25 Oct 2020

A commercial cooking kettle can transform even a mediocre hotel or restaurant kitchen design into a productive cooking area. It allows chefs to prepare bulk or batch cooking in a more efficient way, as in a cooking kettle heat is applied to an expanded surface area that is possible using a single burner on a range. Though investing in any commercial kitchen upfront, let alone cooking kettle, can be capital extensive, the long-term savings can be substantial, with reduced cooking times, increased production capacity and minimal labour and overhead costs.

Features of the Cosmos Commercial Cooking Kettle

EssEmm Corporation is synonymous with a wide range of commercial kitchen machines for applications in hotels and restaurants, hospital kitchens, institutions, industrial canteens, bakery, RTE & RTC, QSR chains and catering companies. EssEmm’s cooking kettle under the brand name of Cosmos, the Cosmos Kettle 2 Cook, is operated by circulation of stream through the walls of the unit resulting in increased heat distribution. The Cosmos Commercial Cooking Kettle is built to increase energy efficiency as the process involved does not use air, thereby getting rid of redundant equipment. This process utilizes up to 90 per cent less energy compared to conventional technologies. It is also environmental-friendly, as there’s no dust, odour or emissions released in the process of indirect heat transfer. The motorised tilting construction facilitates ease of discharge. There is a discharge spout option for draining liquids easily.

Specifications of Cosmos Cooking Kettle

In terms of application, the Cosmos Kettle 2 Cook, constructed of high-grade AISI 304 Stainless steel, is designed for bulk cooking and boiling for food items including lentil, sauces, curries, soups, vegetable, rice, gravies, etc. It features a mixing paddle for consistency in food quality, and prevents burning of food. The speed of the mixing paddle can be adjusted from 0 to 140rpm, in addition to reverse rotation option.

The Cosmos K2 has control display unit that can store 50 four stage programs. The cooking temperature can be controlled from 3 to 120 degree C. The programmable control panel also allows you to set the time of cooking. The jacket once when it runs out of water enables heating to stop automatically. The Cosmos Industrial Cooking Kettle comes with a ha日本藤素 nd shower. With available capacities of 60, 100, 160, 250 and 350 litres, it offers a range of sizes and options to suit every hotel kitchen or commercial/industries kitchen design concept.