Applications of planetary mixer in a commercial kitchen

27 Dec 2020

A Planetary Mixer has a wide range of applications in commercial kitchens from making baked goods that require improved taste and better fluff to pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industry that requires intensive mixing and better raw material utilization.  The EssEmm Cosmos PM 20 Planetary Mixer ensures the accurate mixing of the ingredients, and thus the food products prepared with it are considered to display better quality. Read on to find out the various applications of the Cosmos PM 20 Planetary Mixer.

Applications of the Cosmos PM 20 Planetary Mixer

The Cosmos PM 20 Planetary Mixer Machine is known for its highly versatile operation and has a solid construction with super hardened alloy steel with advanced die-casting technology. The biggest advantage of this Planetary Mixer is that it demands lower physical effort and labour. Its operation is less noisy and vibration-free for bakery products including cake & cookies mixing, fresh cream, light dough mixing, compared to other popular commercial kitchen planetary mixers available in the marketplace. The energy consumption is comparatively less which means increased cost-savings in the long run.  One of the best commercial planetary mixers, it comes with a powerful motor that has higher energy efficiency and speed variation to reduce power consumption. The Cosmos PM 20 provides safe and secure operation for staff preventing accidental mishaps and injuries with the help of sensors.

The Cosmos commercial Planetary Mixer offers enhanced hygiene and better food safety standards.  It features mixing elements, detachable bowels, removable covers, bars and several other components that guarantee minimal human intervention with improved and proper cleaning of the units after completion of a task.  It allows compact installation, and thus better utilization of space, making it a smart choice for even small-sized food establishments. This industrial Planetary Mixer is a cut above the rest in terms of robustness and durable. Hence, it is built for longer life compared to other mixers.