Cosmos Planetary Mixer- commercial kitchen equipment for bakeries

20 Oct 2020

The challenges of running a bakery are far too many from maintaining a positive cash flow to product promotion, running short of inventory to collecting and managing multiple sales orders. Though these issues are quite common, it is important if you’re a bakery owner to overcome the multitude of challenges and put your bakery on the path to profitability. Modern kitchen technology has changed the way how commercial kitchen is operated, as declining profit margins and tight competition have shrunk the F&B industry all over the world. Though there is an exhaustive list of commercial kitchen machines for bakeries and confectionaries, a Planetary Mixer is indispensable for a variety of tasks.

Applications of a planetary mixer

A planetary mixer is simply a standing/vertical type mixer. There is a mixer that rotates the attachment (agitator) on a stationary axis. This rotation is similar to how a planet revolves around the sun, thus giving its name. A highly versatile multi-purpose equipment where the attachment has a planetary movement, it is applicable for multiple functions including dough making, whipping, mixing and nitrogen ice cream mixing.

Features of PM 20 & PM 40 Planetary mixers

EssEmm, a pioneer in making Planetary mixers, distributes them under the brand name of Cosmos. Available in two models: Cosmos PM 20 (build capacity of 20 liters/up to 8kg max) and Cosmos PM 40 (build capacity of 40 liters/up to 16kg max), the Cosmos Planetary Mixer is ideal for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, confectionaries, etc. This commercial planetary mixer is built for producing even and homogenous mixing performance. The Cosmos PM 20 & PM 40 feature a durable construction with super-hardened alloy steel made of cutting-edge die casting technology, making it ideal for the most demanding applications. One of the best commercial planetary mixers available in the market place, the machine comes with smooth CNC-made gear unit having a powerful motor for a smooth and quiet operation, accounting for optimal performance.

Other specifications of the Commercial Planetary Mixer:

The EssEmm’s Commercial Planetary Mixer features slow speed (1.120rpm) for mixing thick and semi-thick dough for Pizza, Bun, Bread, Donut, etc. Medium speed (2.265rpm) is useful for mixing light pastes, cookies, cakes, mashed potatoes, etc. High speed (3.5rpm) is perfect for mixing softer and lighter food ingredients including egg beat, fresh cream, waffle, butter and whipping. Standard accessories with the Planetary Mixer include Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Whisk.