All about the Cosmos Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machines

28 Sep 2020

EssEmm vegetable cutting machines for commercial use:

EssEmm is a pioneer when it comes to the manufacture of commercial vegetable cutting machines. Our commercial vegetable cutting machines are compact in design and require low maintenance.  Manufactured under the brand name of Cosmos, it is perfect for cutting, grinding and chopping of vegetables, fruits, grains and other food products. Cosmos Vegetable cutters are marked by high performance and customizable depending upon the needs of the clients. The Cosmos Vegetable cutting machines are available in a range of interchangeable blades, dices, slices, grates, granulate that help cutting and related operations accurately and quickly, without affecting the natural qualities of the food items.

Features of EssEmm commercial vegetable cutting machines:

EssEmm has four different commercial vegetable cutting machines viz. Cosmos Zeta A6 Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter, Cosmos Zeta A8 Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter, Cosmos CSM200 Slicing Machine and Cosmos Turbo Dicer Dicing Machine. The Cosmos Zeta A6 and Cosmos Zeta A8 are multi-purpose vegetable cutters to chop, slice or dice julienne veggies and greens, perfect for bulk and batch operation in a commercial kitchen. The COSMOS CSM200 is a highly compact vegetable cutting machine that doubles as a slicing and dicing tool for julienne.  If you’re looking to obtain very fine diced cuts of vegetables and fruits, check EssEmm Cosmos Turbo Dicer for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Talking about the features, the EssEmm commercial vegetable slicer/chopper machines come with a premium Stainless Steel (SS) heavy body and housing, conveyor belt system for bulk slicing of vegetables, programmable control panel for adjustment of sizes, interchangeable blade system for different shapes and sizes,  easily detachable belts for cleaning, Inverter built-in controls speed to obtain different sizes in slicing and chopping, capacity range of 300-1000 kgs, easy clean features and variable speed controller to dice sensitive items like strawberries. Specifications of EssEmm Cosmos Vegetable Cutting Machines
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Programmable control panel
  • Interchangeable Blade system
  • Stainless Steel (SS) Construction
  • Extra slicer & attachments
  • Easy Clean (usually with easily removable belts)
Cosmos Zeta A6 & Cosmos Zeta A8        

Capacities: 300-1000Kgs

Cosmos CSM200

Capacities: Up to 200Kg/hr

Cosmos Turbo Dicer

Capacities: Up to 1000 kgs / per hour

Applications of EssEmm vegetable cutters:

EssEmm vegetable cutting machines for industrial use find applications in hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, bakery, institutions, catering companies, QSR Chains, hospital kitchens, and RTEs & RTCs.