Planetary Mixer Machine

21 Sep 2020

Are you looking for a multipurpose mixer to prepare your delicious bakery products? Cosmos Planetary mixer is the best commercial planetary mixer specially designed to make great tasks like mixing, wipping and dough preparation easier. This mixer is known for the way it has been manufactured to reduce manual effort thereby making it completely a machine driven cookware. The name “Planetary” as inspired by the direction in which the planets rotate marks the origin of the system used for mixing dough. Planetary mixer machine is designed and employed for food units like restaurants and catering units where large amount of food is prepared. An authentic commercial kitchen machine modelled to stand on flat surfaces is all you need to ensure stable operation and easy usage.

The features of this popular mixer will bedazzle you as it is planned and made to work by great engineering minds who empower simplicity and innovation. If you are worried about getting the right consistency for all your cremies and pastry dough, industrial planetary mixer can ease your trouble as the agitator used in this machine is attached to a stable bowl to maintain correct rotation speed and equal mixing. The dough pot attached to this vertical mixer is removable and can be used to store the food wipped and mixed. A helix shaped dough hook is used as the replacement of beater for the process of kneading. To prepare juicy and rich milkshakes, planetary mixers are arranged with a whipper to enhance thickness and to give a smooth texture. User-friendly handle is attached to this massive all-purpose mixer to make handling safe and grippy. This commercial planetary mixer is constructed by applying a glaze to the super hardened alloy steel making the entire system dishwasher safe, durable and strong. An industrial machinery like the planetary mixer shows advancement in a犀利士 utomation with 3-speed transmission using steel knob. The gear-unit employed here is made with computer numerical control (CNC) to avoid manual operations thus, following programmed instructions coded for automatic control. Cosmos planetary mixer consists of a fast driven motor that helps in running the machine without any noise and gives the desired result with high levels of satisfaction. To make the use of this automated mixer even more convenient, the system is designed with a driving head for easy movement. Want to know what’s more interesting about these super friendly mixers? They are programmed to meet your needs and work in accordance to the instructions given by you.

Depending on your work there are three principle features that aligns with your speed options:

1) Slow speed- Used for mixing thick and semi-thick dough. 2) Medium speed- Used for mixing cake and cookie batters. 3) High speed- Used for mixing ingredients like butter, egg and crème.

On the whole this versatile mixer is a package of many kitchen utensils put together making it an “All in one” kind of system. The price of this planetary mixer machine will amaze you as it is completely affordable though its features are many.

Maintenance and Care:

Regardless of the features and advantages planetary mixers offer, there are few tips to be considered and followed for better functioning of this beautiful system. Make sure you disconnect the power supply before cleaning the mixer. Always clean the external surfaces of mixer using a damp cloth. Make sure to handle the whipper with less force in case of excess mixture clogging onto it. Avoid lubricating parts of the mixer with cooking oil rather use vaseline or white oil.