Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurants puts in a good word for EssEmm Corporation

31 Aug 2020

EssEmm Corporation is built upon the goodwill of its clients, and the value and competence offered by its range of heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment in a number of processes including pre-preparation, cooking, quick service, storage, cooling, baking, meat-preparation, dish and warewashing, food processing and meat-preparation.

EssEmm’s list of esteemed clients includes Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Sree Anjapper Hotels, The Banana Leaf Apollo, Adayar Ananda Bhavan, Dindigul Thalappakatti, Haribhavanam, just to name a few.  Now, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant has words of appreciation for EssEmm for its entire suite of commercial kitchen machines known for its technical excellence and timely after-sales support.

Mr.Rajagopal, Managing Director of Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurants, in a video testimony had mentioned that the chain of restaurants has been associated with EssEmm Corporation for the past 8 years.  EssEmm’s Cosmos range of commercial heavy equipment has halved the time taken for food preparation, grinding, cutting and mixing processes in the chain of restaurants across Tamilnadu. He also appreciated the Cosmos Cook wok as consuming less fuel compared to other traditional burners within a short span of time. Moreover, he added that the quality and consistency of the food has been thoroughly maintained, while improving efficiencies and economy of operation, across the chain of restaurants.

As EssEmm continues to roll out innovative products in the commercial kitchen category, the testimonial from Sangeetha Veg Restaurants has come as a shot in the arm for it. The fact that EssEmm best understands commercial kitchens, and can apply its learning to put together a seamlessly efficient design makes it the most preferred choice among popular chains of hotels and restaurants across India and abroad. EssEmm consistently delivers on its promises, which is exactly what any hotel or restaurant owner would want from a technically equipped commercial kitchen equipment brand.