EssEmm’s range of commercial kitchen equipment featured on Times Now

10 Jul 2020

Overview of Commercial kitchen Equipment:

Commercial kitchen Equipment collectively refers to the heavy-duty kitchen machines, components, and systems used to prepare, cook, handle, package and store food and food products. Although this equipment is built for kitchen process transformation viz. consumability, increased palatability, digestibility or preservation, i.e., improving the shelf life of food products, there are some components of the equipment to carry out auxiliary or preliminary functions such as preparation, handling and package.

EssEmm Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, industrial canteens, bakeries, cafes, institutions, hospital kitchens, RTE & RTCs, and QSR chains. The rapid transformation in the kitchen space has pushed many a restaurant and hotel chain to try out innovative means for economy of operation and increased bottom-line. Commercial kitchens all over the world that use top of the line machines for everyday functions have always appreciated the versatility of EssEmm kitchen machines under the brand name of Cosmos.

We are glad to announce that EssEmm’s range of commercial kitchen equipment has been featured in樂威壯 the Times Now as a game changer in the Indian Food Industry. Mr.Satish Nair, the founder and CEO of EssEmm, spoke at length about the evolution of commercial kitchen equipment over the years, how it has helped shifted gears from traditional cooking and set the trends for modernization and automation of commercial kitchens, the journey of EssEmm as one of the major manufacturers and  distributors of commercial kitchen equipment in India, the different types of commercial equipment and its application for every kitchen process, challenges faced by the Indian food industry and how commercial kitchen equipment has helped overcome them and the urgency of commercial kitchen operators to adopt technology.

Times Now also interviewed a few esteemed clients of EssEmm’s range of commercial kitchen appliances including Annapoorna Hotels, FireFlies Nightfood Delivery hotel and Akshya Patra Foundation. Mr.Satish also spoke on how EssEmm’s commercial kitchen range of machines has streamlined operation and the transfer of technology leading to the future of kitchen economy.