Cooking Mixer

14 Jul 2020

A Perfect Chef’s Choice

It’s time for an upgrade in your kitchen standard! Cooking mixers are highly employed in order to make your cooking and preparation less time-consuming. This kitchen utensil is manufactured with an aim to make the mixing and sauteing of your desired ingredients and foods easier. Since technology plays a major role in today’s world, electrical mixers have inbuilt features such as heat conduction, speed adjustments, thermal insulation , and many more, all processed and automated for your convenience. Some interesting applications of the cooking mixer in food mixing and sauteing include preparation of desserts such as cream, jam, sweets, candies in addition to the electrifying savouries like sauce, sambar, masala, soup etc. The stand mixers outnumber the features provided by the hand-held models. Cooking mixers exhibit professionalism and are mainly used when a large volume of food is processed. Heavy-duty models such as Cosmos Cook wok prime and cosmos cook wok, range in size from six quartz and larger. The mixing arm plays an important role in cooking mixer models. The method used while driving the mixing arm is by using a shaft and a scrapper. There are three positions such as the charging position, working position, and discharge position which is equipped using the tiltable vessel in an electric mixer. These electrically automated cooking mixers are highly in demand as they top the notch in hygiene and other aspects. Manual efforts in food processing can be intimidating but the solutions offered by these machines are multifarious and hit the spike of durability and reliability.

Cosmos Cook wok

Cosmos Cook wok is a super cool mixer model to assist your cooking and reduce your struggle during your kitchen work. It encompasses few surprising features like the SS mixing tool, direct/thermal/steam heating options, manual/hydraulic tilting options, bowl and revolving head assembly made of stainless steel, natural gas/LPG options, concealed burners, and variable speed controller. This mixer model is ideal and serves the best for hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, catering companies, institutions, and hospitals where large volume cooking is required. This can be your ultimate cooking machine as it is available at different capacities specially designed for your preference.

Cosmos Cook Wok Prime

Cosmos Cook Wok Prime has been introduced for sauteing and stir-frying of your favourite dishes such as curries, gravies, sweets, vegetables mainly at hotels and restaurants, canteens and other places where a large volume of food is processed. The startling stirrer system of COSMOS increases its demand as the bottom side of the cooking pan is scrapped effectively and what makes it really unique is the stirrer’s rpm. This advanced cooking system is designed in such a way that the time and temperature can be controlled as per the user’s need. The COSMOS is a heavy-duty model which consists of automated motorized function with regard to the tilting and lid mechanism. This model fitted with air blow technology and concealed bottom-mounted gearbox is greatly effective and efficient since it works on the advantage of saving energy. This professional model is designed to hold capacities between 100 to 800 Liters.