Is EssEmm’s range of cook wok the best cooking mixer in the market?

25 Jun 2020

Commercial Cooking Mixers are machines that are built to blend, emulsify, homogenize, if not mix material, into a single substance. The main purpose of commercial mixers is that they can mix or combine virtually any liquid or solid that is required to form a final product.  Though commercial cooking mixers are widely used in a number of industrial applications, its application in commercial kitchen makes it a highly indispensible machine for hotels and restaurants, canteens, institutions, catering companies, QSR chains, hospital kitchens, RTE and RTC, bakery and processing.

Applications of Cosmos Cook Wok Cooking Mixer:

Commercial cooking mixers over the years have improved a lot in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and versatility. They have also been built to take a considerable amount of material at one time without any wear and tear. The Cosmos Cook Wok, manufactured and marketed by EssEmm Corporation, is an advanced cooking system for preparing curries, gravies, sauté vegetables, candies, stir frying and several other food items involving cooking and mixing tasks.

Product details of Cosmos Cook Wok Prime:

The Cosmos Cook Wok Available in a range of capacities: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 & 800 Litres, the Cosmos Cook Wok comes with a powerful stirrer system which scrapes the side and bottom of the cooking pan to nicety. With variable RPM, reversible therotation with time setting, it comes with a control panel where one can easily set up the time and temperature as required for cooking. The Cosmos Cook Wok is designed to be completely hygienic with a fully closable lid. Built-in motorized function provides automation of lid mechanism and tilting, thereby making it easy for operation.

This Cook Wok is fitted with a concealed bottom mounted gear box for complete safety, and features Airblow technology burner for energy consumption. It can operate in gas, steam and induction options. Time and temperature control guarantees food quality. The entire build features stainless steel (SS) of premium quality accounting for safety and durability.

Specifications of the Cosmos CCW PNG 300 Cook Wok:

The Cosmos CCW PNG 300 Cook Wok operates on PNG Gas. With 300-litre capacity with bowl, SS Mixing Arm with SS Planetary Head Assembly, full Japanese SUS 304 Cooking Bowl plus SS Lid, burner housing with SS cover, food grade 4F teflon Paddle and a painted body, this Cook Wok is a cut above the rest for use in food processing, restaurants and bakeries. If you’re looking for the best-in-class cooking mixers for heavy-duty commercial kitchen application, simply give us a call to know more.