Industrial Cooking Mixer: An essential kitchen aid to ease your food preparation

29 Feb 2020

If you ask any commercial kitchen owner what the most important equipment in a commercial kitchen is, he/she would have no second thoughts about citing industrial cooking mixer machine. Such is the essential nature of this appliance that it cannot be discounted at any point. The commercial Cook-wok, EssEmm’s industrial cooking mixer machine marketed under the brand name of Cosmos, is powerfully built with a SS 304 Stainless Steel and if you’re looking for large volume cooking mixer machine in any commercial kitchen, then your search ends right here. Thanks to Cosmos Cook-wok’s effective sautéing method facilitated by its unique mixing tool and technology.

One of the most reliable heavy duty cooking machine for commercial kitchens, it is highly durable and would thus prove to be true value for money. In a commercial kitchen where time is of the greatest essence, the Commercial wok is a real time-saver in that you don’t have to think about grinding food ingredients manually. The time taken to mix ingredients is almost reduced by half even if the ingredients to be processed are minute in nature.

The Cosmos commercial wok features a painted body, SS Stove with Auto Igniter, Lid & Mixing Arm integrated with SS Planetary Head Assembly, SS 304 Single Layer Bowl making it the ultimate cooking mixer machine.

Other features include SS mixing tool, 4F Teflon mixing pad, concealed burners and variable speed controller. The tilting operations are of two types: Manual and Hydraulic. Built with LPG and natural gas options, this heavy-duty commercial kitchen comes with direct, thermal and steam heating options. Available in standard and full SS versions, it comes in the capacities of 50, 80, 150, 200, 250,300,400 & 500 litres.

Perfect for restaurants, food processing and bakeries, the Cosmos cooking mixer machine is highly durable, compact by commercial kitchen standards, durable and consumes comparatively lesser electricity consumption. When you are sure you need a cooking mixer for your commercial kitchen, let your first choice be the Cook-wok from EssEmm Corporation.