The Cosmos Potato Peeler for the perfect cutting, slice or shred!

18 Mar 2020

The commercial potato peeler is indispensable in cutting, slicing and peeling potatoes. The need to consume fresh, healthy and economical food products is on the rise in recent years. And this means commercial kitchen owners have to be innovative and diligent in choosing the right heavy duty equipment for different processes. And it goes without saying that the needs of the commercial kitchen are different and expansive. Kitchen technology and continuous R & D have resulted in the development of commercial kitchen equipment for almost every application and process involved. EssEmm brings you best-in-class Potato peeler under the brand name of Cosmos if you need to peel a lot of potatoes, beets or other veggies within a limited time at low costs. The Cosmos Potato peeler comes with a large hopper that is roomy enough for huge volumes of unpeeled potatoes. Potatoes, as you may know, are indispensible for making chips, crisps and curries. It also features a Cast Alloy Feeder for the purpose of dicing that comes integrated in the machine. A conveyor belt performs the Slicing application. The Cosmos Commercial Potato slicer from EssEmm is powerfully built with an SS (Stainless Steel) drum and frame with standard emery plate. Known for its user-friendliness and hygienic characteristics, this Potato slicer can reduce energy consumption considerably and waste production. If you are looking for freshly peeled potatoes at the time of cooking, don’t go any further than the Cosmos. The peeling time is between 50 and 90 seconds. It is built to be operated with running water. There is a water inlet tube offered and drain outlet built for the disposal of waste. The potato peeler can hold 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 kgs with peeling time under 2 minutes per batch. The Cosmos Commercial Potato slicer is perfect for hotels and restaurants, catering companies, industrial canteens, fast food centers, institutions and hospital kitchens.