EssEmm Cosmos Instant Grinder to brighten just about any dish

24 Feb 2020

Freshly ground spices can brighten and enliven just any dish in a hotel, restaurant, canteen, catering or fast-food centre. The point is to have the right Instant Grinder to spice up instantly any dish. Therefore, if you want to be the most talked-about hotel, restaurant, caterer or canteen in town, you should have a highly versatile spice grinder.

All said and done, the idea of grinding your own spices is a hassle, when the odds of picking up the pre-ground masalas at the local grocery or department store are pretty high. Hold on. You are in the hotel business and your customers would want dishes prepared only of freshly ground spices having a unique flavour, aroma and vibrancy. Introducing the new EssEmm Cosmos Instant Masala Grinder that does more than the work of simply grinding and producing instant masalas. Here is an excellent way to step up your culinary range with the Cosmos.

The EssEmm Cosmos Instant Masala Grinder is perfect for making short work of producing a variety of spicy masalas in bulk quantities instantly. It is mainly used to chop tomato, garlic, ginger, onion, prepare paste ginger and grind chutnies, etc continuously without the addition of water.

With a capacity/batch of 60 kgs/per hr, this heavy duty, the Cosmos heavy-duty commercial masala grinder is fitted with a powerful 5 HP, 3 Phase motor that can easily grind 1 kg of masala or chutney in 1 minute. With the inner frame made of SS 304 grade Stainless Steel (SS), this commercial masala grinder machine is designed to minimize the grinding time significantly so that there is no waiting time for customers. There are no adjustments or tightening needed to control the grinding. View the video to know why the Cosmos Instant Masala Grinder can be the best choice for commercial kitchens?

Even if you look at dozens of different alternatives available in the marketplace, the Cosmos Instant masala grinder machine stands out in terms of delivery, performance and efficiency in restaurants, industrial canteens, hotels and catering centres.