Cosmos Commercial Vegetable Cutter can cut across application lines

18 Feb 2020

EssEmm Corporation is never afraid to innovate and that is why we were able to disrupt the existing commercial kitchen space, improve the existing product line and roll out a range of commercial heavy duty equipment in no time. EssEmm is a cut above the rest in terms of innovation as we understand the wants and needs of today’s commercial kitchen space. And let’s not forget that the demands of commercial kitchens are diverse and challenging. It’s never easy to emerge a winner in this space because of the complexities involved in delivering what a kitchen in a hotel, restaurant, canteen, chat or fast food centre requires. EssEmm has introduced its new line of commercial kitchen Vegetable Cutters under the brand name of Cosmos viz. ZETA A6 and ZETA A8, both with a build capacity of 300-1000 kgs, and Floor standing heavy duty vegetable cutting machine.

This heavy duty all-in-one multi-functional commercial vegetable cutting machine is powerfully built to chop, slice and dice julienne veggies and greens for in restaurants, industrial canteens, hotels and caterers. It comes integrated with a hopper feed system fitted at the opposite ends for use simultaneously. There’s a specially constructed vegetable belt cutting, which is easily removable for cleaning, cum dicing machine which comes complete with SS Guide. Boasting an SS finish, the conveyor belt controlled by an Inverter is designed for slicing. It also has a cast alloy Feeder for Dicing integrated into the machine for processing thin sliced vegetables. There is a programmable control panel for adjusting the cut sizes.

An inbuilt hopper system is ideal for dicing, slicing and julienne of round and slightly bigger veggies. A small hopper does the job of cutting and slicing vegetables like radish, cucumber, etc. This industrial vegetable cutting machine is applicable for various sizes and shapes. The Zeta A8 comes with a curved knife at belt side for slicing and chopping vegetables finely. And there is heavy SS legs folding casters for easy movement, in addition to conveyor section. Both the cutting areas are provided with safety door sensors.

The Cosmos freestanding heavy duty vegetable cutter, which is ergonomically designed with a capacity of up to 120 kgs to 2000 kgs per hour, is built with a full moon with Feeder. It also features a lockable model for environment where safety is of utmost essence.

If you’re looking for a commercial vegetable cutter that can effectively replace time-consuming manual cutting operation, then the Cosmos commercial vegetable cutter is numero uno choice.