Why EssEmm is best-of-the-class commercial grinder manufacturer in Coimbatore?

25 Jan 2020

Grinding whole cuts of food ingredients, such as meet, can be a daunting chore for any commercial kitchen owner who would look for speed, efficiency and performance every time. Less expensive models or cheaper knock offs won’t do the task. It requires the EssEmm Cosmos’ range of commercial grinder models including the Multi Utility Grinders built with the capacity of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 litres. The Cosmos Multi-utility grinders are built with cylindrical roller construction that makes short work of grinding substances. Known to deliver increased volume of batter, the Cosmos is the most efficient commercial grinder available in the marketplace.  Having a powerful build means faster speed and reduced energy consumption and time. Designed to withstand the high volume demands of the busiest commercial kitchens, EssEmm’s range of heavy-duty commercial grinders come with brushed stainless steel motor housing for an extended life. The drum and frames are also made of premium Stainless Steel material. An advanced tilt locking system locks the grinder at horizontal as well as vertical position at 100 degree for easily emptying out the batter after grinding the substance. There’s a unique adjustable Load Balancing System for uniform distribution of load and efficient grinding. With a cylindrical granite roller stone assembly that is easily detachable and Roller Stone Assembly that comes complete with wiper, the Cosmos guarantees 100% grinding in record time. EssEmm Cosmos’Tilting Wet Masala Grinders are built to grind coconut and onion chutneys, Indian masalas, tomato pureeing, ginger garlic pasting, in addition to grinding spices to a fine powder or ‘coarse powder’. Not just these, EssEmm has another powerful grinder machine up its sleeves viz. the Cosmos Insta Grind for instant grinding and producing masalas in bulk quantities. The time taken by the Commercial kitchen owners in chopping and making paste of ginger, onion, garlic, coconut, tomato and grinding chutney continuously without adding water is almost reduced by half. The Cosmos Instant Rice Grinder Pulveriser is powerfully built to grind Wet Rice for Idly, Dosa Batter in an instant way continually. Looking for some of the most efficient heavy-duty grinders for commercial kitchens? Look no further than EssEmm’s range of Cosmos commercial kitchen grinders.