The must-have commercial vegetable dicer from EssEmm for today’s commercial kitchen

20 Jan 2020

The commercial kitchen space is shifting gears from utilization to efficiency, from utility to user-experience, from fast to super-fast and from entirety to economy. EssEmm has a whole range of equipment for different cooking applications and all our previous blogs didn’t fail to capture the different application equipment-wise. Today’s blog will cover another application-dicing for which EssEmm under its brand name ‘Cosmos’ has brought out its high-performance dicing machine, ‘the Turbo Dicer Dicing Machine’. The Cosmos Turbo Dicer Dicing Machine is designed to cut different fruits and root vegetables into fine dices as well as ham into cuboids or cubes with uniform size from 3 mm up to 20 mm in accuracy. It’s also perfect for cutting stripes, shreds or slices effectively. It can also process up to 1000kg/hour. The dicing machine can be adjusted to cut even delicate products such as tomatoes and onions. Thanks to the Turbo Dicing Blade System, our dicing machine is highly innovative and flexible. There is a variable speed controller built into the machine to dice even super-sensitive fruits such as strawberries. The dicing machine has a premium stainless steel (SS) build for improved hygiene and anti-corrosion properties. Designed for high efficiency, low power consumption and easy operation, the combined cutting feature ensures the cut dices have a smooth surface, exact size and uniform size. The Safety Cut Off ensures safe operation. The machine including the blade assembly and crosscutting blade can be easily cleaned after use. Built with high-speed rotating blades, the machine driven by centrifugal force offers high performance. With capacity up to 1000 kgs/per hour, the cut size varies from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20mm. When it comes to application, the Cosmos the Turbo Dicer Dicing Machine from EssEmm can make short work of cutting in catering companies, industrial canteens, hospital kitchens, institutions, RTEs and RTCs.