EssEmm Corporation featured in Chef Bharath, leading platform for Indian Chefs

14 Jan 2020

EssEmm Corporation is more than glad to let you all know that we have been featured in Chef Bharath, one of the leading platforms for Indian Chefs. Chef Bharath has been covering a wide spectrum of news related to Commercial kitchen equipment, FMCG, nutrition, technological innovations and associations. Satish Kumar Nair, EssEmm’s CEO, a third-generation entrepreneur, coming from a family that has shaped and changed the way heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment are manufactured and distributed globally, spoke exclusively to Chef Bharath on the evolving kitchens deploying the new-age technology and innovation in terms of food taste and more. Mr.Satish spoke at length on different subjects including how EssEmm as a whole has transformed the working of commercial kitchens in Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Canteens, Fast Food Centres, Catering Companies, Institutions, Hospital Kitchens, QSR Chains, Bakery, RTE and RTC. He pointed out the significance of energy efficiency and water conservation and heat maintenance in the environment, safe cooking, risk management and cooking hygiene. He didn’t fail to discuss the evolving trends amongst the Indian chefs in their expectations of modern kitchen equipment. Replying to a query whether highly-specialized machines would rob off the jobs of chefs, he said they would only complement their current skill sets, thereby making them better than ever before. Mr.Satish also threw light on the focus areas covering different processes such as cooking, vegetable-preparation, automation, pre-processing, cooking automation and related equipment and future innovations; expansion plans in terms of product portfolio, food processing techniques and large scale central kitchen concepts and amplifying geographical reach. He also emphasized the importance of having a robust and customer-centric sales support in place for different equipment backed by strong technological innovation, R &D and bespoke software automation solutions. Click this link to read the full excerpt of the interview on