Commercial Cooking Kettle from Firex for consistent cooking

25 Dec 2019

Regardless of what type of cuisine you are working with, or what the dish specifies, ensuring you offer your customers a perfectly cooked meal can play a central role in the success of your restaurant or cafe. It is just not offering great food, but keeping things truly hygienic.

This may sound really simple, but when you’ve a lot of ingredients going into your recipes, it can be a daunting task as well as eating up your valuable time. Fortunately, today’s commercial cooking technology allows you to prepare food consistently and maintain high quality standards. Over and above, when you use a cooking kettle, you do not need the constant supervision of a chef. If you’re looking for the best-in-class kettles, don’t think any further than Firex commercial cooking kettle supplied by EssEmm Corporation. Firex is a popular Italian brand known for its advanced cooking systems including pasta cookers, automatic pans, bratt pans and fryers for over four decades.

The Firex commercial cooking kettle is one of the best in the industry popular for its faster cooking times and superior performance. We offer a range of Cooking Kettles from Firex that are fully programmable and come with mixing arms making them perfect for commercial kitchen and industrial canteens. It finds application in hotel, restaurants and canteens in the preparation of frying, goulash, biryani, curries and rice.

The Firex’s range of commercial cooking kettle that is electrically or LPG operated is built to meet engineering excellence with a range of features including controlled cooking and Auto water filing facility that can shut off the operation supposing the kettle is accidently operated without filling water.

This high performance kettle is highly versatile for cooking, tilting and mixing operations. Intuitively designed, accurate and easy-to-operate in any commercial operation, the Firex’s cooking kettle, which features pressure cooking system, is fully programmable. It offers extra durability, protection and extended life in bulk cooking and large batch cooking environment.

This commercial cooking kettle offers more capacity compared to any other kettle available in the marketplace, and there’s nothing more one can ask for when it comes to consistent cooking in the commercial kitchen.