EssEmm’s Multi Utility Grinders beat Conventional Grinders hands down in Commercial kitchens

30 Nov 2019

The Cosmos Multi-Utility grinders have a sturdy and powerful build to take on the best of conventional grinders hands down in commercial and industrial kitchen applications. They are specially built for applications in hotels, restaurants and canteens for grinding chutney, dosa batter and masalas. This cost-effective grinder is exclusively designed with housing, frames and drums with high quality stainless steel (SS) material. A powerful cylindrical roller construction helps the Cosmos Multi-Utility grinder grinds the substance more efficiently and gives out more volume of batter. Available in a number of capacities—5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 litres—it can grind at a faster speed, thereby saving time and power, thanks to the Roller Stone Assembly that is fitted with wiper. It sports an ultra-modern look and a sleek and compact design with a special tilting system that enables the drum to tilt both horizontally and vertically for transferring the batter easily and hygienically without using one’s hands for emptying the batter out conveniently. Extremely easy to use and maintain, the multi-utility grinder offers hygienic discharge and higher resistance against corrosion. There is a lid over the drum that prevents dirt, dust and foreign substances into the batter. The unique load balancing system built-in helps grinding in quicker time and allows pressure adjustment to the roller thereby raising the life of the roller stone and grinding efficiency. Compare these features with that of a conventional grinder: it usually has a Pestle and Mortar type arrangement that delivers only limited quantity of batter, and consumes a lot of time. Also, cleaning the drum can be tiring and cumbersome as the rollers have to be lifted every time. The batter can be discharged' only' by using hands The Cosmos Multi-Utility Grinder comes with a one-year warranty.