EssEmm Corporation eyes big; looks at 100% increase in turnover!

18 Nov 2019

EssEmm Corporation, based out of Coimbatore, is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of commercial kitchen equipment in India. It has started manufacturing 16 industrial kitchen appliances (at the time of writing this blog) in its own brand ‘Cosmos’ including the Cook-wok or cooking mixer machine. Satish Kumar Nair, founder of EssEmm, in a press release, asserted that the company is looking at doubling its turnover in the coming two or three years. He said that the company’s current turnover over is 50 crores and is looking to hit the 100-crore mark. The company that is already making waves in the commercial kitchen technology wants to increase automation in the existing range of appliances and invest in R & D for new product development. The company, as reported in the press release, has had close to 85 percent of its sales from the domestic market, with the export of few products in the anvil already. Mr.Nair is buoyant about the increasing demand for commercial kitchen equipment and the huge potential that they could provide for Indian cuisine- based restaurants overseas. Launching the Cosmos Cookwok Prime, an advanced model of its predecessor Cookwok, Mr.Nair added that EssEmm had obtained international certification for the US for the Cookwok Prime. EssEmm is confident that it will also obtain the required certificates for the US markets and the European Union for all its Cosmos products. EssEmm has also joined hands and furthered ties with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in India, China and Taiwan, and will continue to work with the OEMs that it is currently tied up with. “The cloud kitchen concept is disrupting the existing commercial kitchen space and provides a huge market opportunity, being the future of smart cooking”, concludes Mr. Nair.