The Roboqbo Universal Food Processing Machines distributed by EssEmm for the most demanding applications in commercial kitchens

21 Oct 2019

The very purpose of Commercial kitchen equipment is mass food production or bulk cooking in RTE and RTCs, catering, bakeries and industrial canteens. These machines need to be durable, robust and easy to operate so as to improve the quality of food production every single time. They should provide higher energy efficiency with reduced electricity bills month on month. The Universal Food Processing Machine from the house of ROBOQBO, one of the leading companies internationally known for industrial cutter and food processing system manufacturing, scores high in nearly all possible processing applications in commercial kitchens. EssEmm Corporation is an exclusive partner to distribute the ROBOQBO Universal Food Processing Machine all over India with on-time service and chef support for several applications. If you own a commercial kitchen, having one will save you from having to perform tons of tiring and tedious prep work. It boasts of a state-of-the-art design used for small, medium and mid-sized food processing companies. The biggest advantage is that it can retain the flavour, taste, texture and colour of the food during the process and that too in record time. This high-performance food processing machine is great for preparing Indian Base Masalas, Sauces, Candid Fruit, Jams, Indian Sweets, Condensed Milk, Chocolate, Pastries, Gastronomy, Restaurants, Ice Creams and finds application in food processing, dairy products, ready meals, country houses and farms. The Food Processing Machine comes with an in-built Steam Generator that contributes to reduced energy production costs and energy efficiency. The machine is built to preserve the nutritional values in foods, thanks to its aps heating system (advanced power steam). It also features pneumatic extrusion to empty the bowl. There is a complete system for vacuum and pressurised process that accounts for improved storage suitability and extended shelf life. The Chill Blasting system helps cool food quickly to a low temperature and keeps it safe from bacterial growth. A 10.1” touch screen considerably simplifies the handling of the appliance as it allows one to set and control the entire production parameters easily under the most demanding of applications. Automatic wash option does the work of food washing effectively. Other advanced features include ON-LINE assistance, HACCP data, functions for saving recipes and data back-up system. All of these features above and more are integrated into a single unit. The bowl capacities of the food processing system include 8, 15, 25, 40, 70, 120, 250, 350 and 550 litres. It is available in two versions viz. Tabletop and Floor standing. If you’re looking for an all-in-one ultimate processing machine that can cool, knead, concentrate, cut, refine, mix, pulverise and homogenise different food products, simply give us a call for a demo today.