EssEmm’s range of Vegetable Processing Machine revolutionise automation of commercial kitchen

20 Nov 2019

EssEmm is a cut above the rest when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of vegetable processing machines. EssEmm’s range of vegetable processing machine mainly comprises Potato Peelers, Universal Peelers, Vegetable cutters, Multi-functional Vegetable cutters, Veg wash and Turbo Dicer Dicing Machine, largely manufactured and marketed by EssEmm under the brand name of Cosmos. We just don’t stop with supplying these machines; rather we are equipped with the complete lines and technology in the area of food processing. Our service worldwide by our skilled engineers and technicians is top-notch.

The Cosmos Potato Peeler is designed for peeling root vegetables of bulk quantity in various capacities in lesser time at an affordable cost. EssEmm’s Universal Peelers are great for peeling onion and garlic, and sturdily built for fast and tear-free peeling of garlic and onions. The Floor standing Vegetable Preparation Machine is applicable for processing fruits, vegetables, dry bread, etc.

The Cosmos Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter is a highly powerful all-in-one multi-functional vegetable cutter to chop, slice, julienne or dice vegetables and greens.

The Cosmos Veg Wash has been built to wash fresh as well as frozen fruits, vegetables and meat items in the most hygienic way. It ensures the removal of insects, dirt and other impurities such that the texture of the product isn’t damaged.

The Cosmos Turbo Dicer is specially built for obtaining supremely fine diced cuts of fruits and vegetables. Most commercial kitchens use the Cosmos Turbo Dicer wherever they need to process delicate items such as tomatoes and onions.

Our range of vegetable processing machines is popular internationally for its high level of reliability, precision, hygiene, extended life, powerful performance and durability. Also, processing leafy vegetables need a high level of expertise—our range of highly innovative vegetable processing machinery makes it look easy.

EssEmm is the most trusted partner for vegetable processing solutions in commercial and industrial kitchens including catering companies, industrial canteens, hospital kitchens, institutions and RTE & RTC. Talk to us for customized advice to help you select the right processing machine that best suits your requirements.