The Cosmos Multi Functional Vegetable Cutter for super-fresh cooking

19 Oct 2019

New slicers, cutters, dicers, mixers and blender launches are constantly hitting the Indian commercial kitchen and catering equipment market. The Cosmos Multi Functional Vegetable Cutter spells innovation, practicality, adaptability and aesthetics. Here is why the Cosmos is the best available multi-functional vegetable cutter in the marketplace. The Cosmos is fast and easy to use for shredding of leafy veggies including Spinach, Coriander, Cabbage, Methi and linear cutting of Okra, Green Chilly, Beans, Pepper and Onion Leak, in addition to dicing, slicing and strip cutting of different  root vegetables including Potato, Onion, Cucumber, Beet root, Papaya, Carrot and more. The Cosmos Multi Functional Vegetable Cutter is designed to feature a combination of cutting quality and high 犀利士 speed. This all-in-one multi-functional veg-cutter is designed to chop, slice, dice or julienne veggies and greens, thanks to the powerfully built belt food and a unique hopper feed system constructed at both ends for the highest flexibility of production as they can be used at the same time. If this isn’t enough, there is a small hopper offered additionally for cutting radish, cucumber, etc. There is a unique vegetable belt cutting for salads, fruits, vegetables and more cum dicing machine that comes with an SS Guide. The machine comes fitted with an SS finish with a conveyor belt that transfers the slice to the cutter and for slicing vegetables in bulk quantities, and is controlled by an inverter. It features a Cast Alloy Feeder for dicing, integrated into the machine in the same design. The machine has a programmable control panel for adjustment of sizes used for various menu items. You can count on the interchangeable blade system for cutting the vegetables into shapes and sizes, the way you want.  As all the parts are made of Stainless Steel (SS), the food is easily removable when they come into contact with it. The Cosmos Multi Functional Vegetable Cutter is excellent for crafting different types of cuts for imaginative and stylish presentations of garnishing, chips, salads and macedonies and several other combinations. Get in touch with our team to make the Cosmos Multi Functional Vegetable Cutter an integral tool for your commercial kitchen today.