Are you looking to create a commercial kitchen that is functionally efficient? Here is how

The kitchen is the central nervous system of a hotel, restaurant or an industrial canteen. And there should always be a well thought out blueprint when planning your commercial or central kitchen. Though it requires a lot of forethought and investment, the benefits always outweigh the costs. Here is how you can create a commercial kitchen that is functionally efficient and happy place to work with.

  • SERVICE is the mantra of any business, but it holds even greater significance when it comes to running a hotel successfully. The practise of maintaining excellent service levels is called ‘Flow’. The potential bottlenecks have to be overcome by designing hotlines. A proper design is to create “way-in” and “way-out” and a blueprint for a consistent production. This can get a lot tricky; by the way, it is no difficult a thing to set up and maintain.
  • Items including utensils and pans should be spick and span. Ensure that the cooks have easy access for use to do away with ‘just in time’ lunch or dinner preparation service. Pay attention to pantry items also.
  • Take care if the washable dishes are clean and spotless after use. The disposables must be got rid of, and dumped cleanly. The wash and waste management system in a hotel is central to eliminate carriers of germs, bacteria and other forms of air-and water-borne infections.
  • There are an increasing number of people that get sick out of eating unhealthy and unhygienic foods. This can be avoided through proper sanitation facilities, forming watch teams and encouraging employees to stick to high moral grounds of good personal hygiene. A reward system can also be put up in place to recognize best performers in this crucial area.
  • In business, as in any case, any time, only change is permanent. The restaurant and hotel business is no exception. Tough decisions have to be made at times to win the game; they have to be really quick and well thought of so as to benefit your customers first and then your staff. Make them happy, and you are quite on your way to achieving personal satisfaction and commercial success. For many, their restaurant or hotel is too personal; any wrong decision could play spoilsport. Looking to set up your first commercial or central kitchen? Touch base with us today.