Cosmos Cook wok - the lifeline of commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchen equipment, as they bulk produce food, need to be extremely durable, robust and easy to operate and manage. They should be low on energy consumption and high on food production operations and eco-friendliness. More so it must serve its intended purpose and application without any interruption. The Cosmos Cook-wok Cooking Mixer is just the thing you need to get the job done instantly for mixing and blending. Though there are two popular models—manual tilting and hydraulic tilting, the former is much popular as a commercially viable model in the marketplace. The Cosmos Cook-wok is a heavy-duty cooking cum mixing machine that can cook food with犀利士 out burn due to its effective sautéing technology. It is perfect for making all kinds of gravies, curry, sabjis, sautéed vegetables, base masala, poriyal, koottu, Rasam, etc., Let us take the most basics of applications – curries &dessert in food preparation. Sambar, Kolambu, kurma, soups, pickles are very commonly made items. The Cosmos Cook-wok is great for preparing sweets including different varieties of Halwas, Gheer, Palada, Payasam, Milk Gova, Mysore Pak, etc., Cosmos Cooking mixers, available in Gas, Electric and Steam energy. The EssEmm’s Cosmos Cook-wok is available in several capacities: 50, 80, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 lit in standard andfull SS versions with manual and hydraulic tilting options. Another highlight of the Cook-wok is its sautéing method.Courtesy to its unique mixing tool and superior technology, bulk volume cooking can be effectively managed at each step without any hassle.   Standard version of the Cosmos Cook-wok features a painted body, SS stove with SS 304 single layer bowl and Auto Igniter, lid and mixing arm integrated with SS Planetary head assembly that fits into the head of the mixer, in addition to 4F Teflon mixing pad. It is built with direct gas heating system. Check out what Australian-based Pastry R Us has to say on the Cosmos Cook-wok. The gas consumption is between 2.5 Kg/Hr and 3.5 Kg/Hr. There issizable gas saving due to the concealed burnersystem built in into the machine. The variable-speed controller systems can significantly bring down labour involvement in central and commercial kitchens. Looking for the best cooking mixer machine for commercial kitchens at affordable prices from one of the most reliable cooking mixer machine suppliers in India? You’re just a click away.