The future of Commercial Kitchens - Challenges and solutions

27 Jun 2019

Before we take a plunge into this week’s blog, the central theme of which will centre on the future of commercial kitchens, it pays to discuss the challenges that commercial kitchens present, in addition to the solutions generally considered . Now let this sink in into us. Our years of experience in offering the right hi-tech commercial kitchen machines based on the application, industry, process and type of product has made us understand that there is a great gulf between process and technology. We’re not referring to the radical changes that would result in sweeping changes - not at all, but incremental changes that can steadily redefine and reshape commercial kitchens for the future. The biggest issue, of course, here is the slowdown and thereof, lack of innovation, which, in fact, is driven by the combination of consumer demand and convenience. Talk about challenges, they are far too many in the Indian context: lack of centralized control, non-compliance to food quality, lack of high degree of food safety, high energy consumption levels, failure of real-time monitoring of processes, unsafe food storage, food wastage, and reduced operational efficiency, among others. This said we have been hearing quite a lot of how smart engineering and automation is changing the face of hospitality industry, especially the commercial kitchen space, whether it is a hotel or restaurant chain, industrial canteen, catering company, hospital kitchen, institution, or a bakery. With more user-friendly interface and automated functions, kitchen machines are now developed for smarter operations. The biggest perks, however, are: convenience of use if you work on the front lines of restaurant, cafeteria, and catering kitchens; enhanced tracking capabilities of various processes in real time; enhanced safety, better utilization of workspace; faster turn-around time; improved delivery time and response rate; premium food quality; improved bottom-line and overall, smarter management. EssEmm Corporation, with its wide range of commercial cooking devices and machines from global brands and owned bespoke brand, COSMOS, was not only able to knit the kitchen environments and various processes together, but also connect the front and back end of the commercial kitchen together, enabling free and seamless communication and adjustments to be made in real time. And these are crucial functions that are about to change more quickly than you can ever imagine. Are you struggling to improve commercial kitchen performance and gain centralised control on a granular level? The wait is over. Be the first to change the way you operate your commercial kitchen once and for all by first talking to experts at EssEmm and take on the toughest of the jobs head on in any commercial kitchen with our line of innovative models of kitchen machines and appliances.