Anjappar group of Restaurants have lavish words of appreciation for EssEmm

25 May 2020

EssEmm is one of the most preferred manufacturers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment for a wide range of applications and floor sizes. EssEmm markets most of its product under the brand name of Cosmos which are popular globally for its excellent build, utility and quality. Renowned hotels chains like Saravana Bhavan, Dindigul Thalapakatti, Anjappar Group, etc have been consistent in their offerings as they deploy the range of food processing equipment manufactured by EssEmm. As most hotels and restaurants continue to take the automation route in the coming years, EssEmm is light years ahead of its nearest rivals in understanding the need of the hour and what holds the future. Efficiency and innovation seem to hold the glue that binds the present with the future, and restaurants that seem to overlook this fact is likely to lose the race to food startups that appear better to understand the capabilities of full-fledged automation. As a matter of fact, commercial kitchens have gained more prominence and attention than ever before. Steering the wave of automation in the area of commercial kitchen and executing it to nicety is Anjappar, started in 1964 in Chennai to purge the taste buds of people longing for Chettinadu range of cuisine that are popular not just in Tamil Nadu or South India, but the world over. Anjappar, popular for using assorted spices, strives to offer one’s taste buds a gratifying food experience. EssEmm is proud to associate with Anjappar in the supply of commercial kitchen equipment for most of its day-to-day food processing applications. Mr.Kandhasamy, Managing Director of Anjappar Chettinad Restaurants, rightly pointed out the improvement in the efficiency, speed, quality and ease of the overall production and delivery using EssEmm’s suite of commercial kitchen equipment. Hygiene was another factor that impressed the management of Anjappar. Watch the video that testifies our service rendered to Anjappar over the years. We will continue to serve them with greater focus and fervor than before much to the satisfaction of their customers.