EssEmm food processing equipment opens up a new phase of Commercial Kitchen Automation

If there’s one industry that we cannot live without in our daily lives, it is the food industry, and the changing landscape of the industry has forced it to take the automation route. It doesn’t get that complex particularly when you have someone like EssEmm Corporation, a pioneer in the area of automation of commercial kitchen with a range of food processing equipment for hotels and restaurants, bakeries, industrial canteens, catering companies, institutions, QSR Chains, cafes, bakery, hospital kitchens and RTEs and日本藤素 RTCs. EssEmm’s range of food processing equipment, mostly under the name of Cosmos, is built to cover a wide range of processes namely pre-preparation, meat-preparation, food processing, cooking, baking, quick service, dish and warewashing. These food processing equipment are used to prepare, handle, store, cook and package food and food products. Even though this equipment is mainly intended towards achieving transformation—i.e., enhancing the consumability, palatability, and digestibility—or preservation—i.e., increasing the shelf life of food, whilst some piece of processing equipment are also used to carry out preliminary or additional functions including preparation, packaging and preparation. The food processing equipment of EssEmm fall into several categories including Bakery Equipment, Chappati Machine, Cooking Equipment ,Dishwasher, Fryers, Griddles and Kebab Machines, Juice & Coffee Machines, Masala Grinders, Meat Processing, Machines, Ovens, Processing Machines, Rotisseries and Multisseries, Toasters and Holding Cabinets and Vegetable Processing Machines. A good look into the future will take you into more exciting prospects of fully automating the food processing factory floor.  A case in point is the several unit operations required during a complete production cycle including baking, separating, freezing, mixing, sealing and washing for which a wide range of food processing equipment are manufactured and supplied by EssEmm. EssEmm’s range of food processing equipment is designed and constructed to handle liquid, solid and semi-solid in a batch-wise or continuous way as per the demands of the operation.