EssEmm Cookwok, the most powerful Cooking Mixer in the industry

20 Apr 2020

EssEmm Corporation is synonymous the world over with technological innovation, engineering excellence and impeccable technical support. The EssEmm Cookwok, under the brand name of Cosmos, is touted as one of the most powerfully built Cooking mixer available in the industry. Look for alternate builds; you would be rather disappointed. The Cosmos EssEmm Cookwok boasts of an effective sauting method. Thanks to its innovative mixing tool and technology, large volume or batch cooking is now a walk in the park. From a durability perspective, the EssEmm Cookwok is second to none. Both the bowl and Revolving Head Assembly are constructed of SS 304 Stainless Steel (SS) which is also extremely hygienic, stain and corrosion-free after prolonged use. The importance of hygiene cannot be overstated in a post-COVID world. The Cosmos Cookwook features a painted body, SS Stove with Auto Igniter. The Mixing arm comes with SS Planetary Head for greater freedom and ease of use. Any wonder why Cook-wok is industry rated as the most powerfully built commercial kitchen equipment? The 4F Teflon mixing pad offers excellent heat insulation properties. With direct, thermal and steam heating options, the Manual and Hydraulic tilting options of Cookwok ensure it can be set at various heights and tilted to a specific angle. Furthermore, it is built for LPG and natural gas options, and characterizes concealed burners and variable speed controller for preparing different dishes. The EssEmm Cook-wok is designed for different capacities: 50, 80, 150, 200, 250,300,400 & 500 litres. The Cookwok finds applications in a range of commercial and heavy duty kitchen including hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, catering centres, institutions, hospital kitchens, RTE and RTC, but not restricted only to these. If you are looking for the best-in-class, super-efficient, durable and the most disruptive heavy-duty equipment for today’s commercial kitchen, your search ends right here at EssEmm. Want to know more on the EssEmm cooking mixer? We’re just a call away.