Precautions to avoid contamination of Coronavirus in restaurant equipments

The Coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic has affected over 200 nations globally with over              1, 35,000 affected by it (at the time of writing this blog). This global crisis has crushed the economy and spared no business including travel, hospitality and food. Restaurants and bars have the onus of protecting their staff and customers from the lethal effects of COVID 19. Here are some best practices that can be adopted in preventing accidental contamination:

  • Greeting or giving handshake with one another is to be strictly avoided.
  • Clean hands at the entrance using proper sanitizers or soaps, and set up reminders of the same at several points.
  • Create habits and constant reminders not to touch one’s face and cover while sneezing and coughing.
  • Disinfect surfaces including tables, doorknobs, handrails and food prep surfaces regularly.
  • Raise ventilation levels by adjusting the AC and letting natural air in.
  • Don’t allow any employee to work if he or she is suffering from symptoms of Corona. Watch out some can be even asymptotic.
  • Employees should wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds before handling food or when serving it to the customers.
  • Use the right tools for handling food and disinfect and sanitize them properly before use.
  • While sanitizing, use smaller concentration and let the air to dry.
  • Pre-wash any soiled water using warm water.
  • Rinse the area fully and allow air dry.
  • Use a spray bottle for saturating the contaminated surfaces.
  • The areas must be well rinsed and debris wiped out thoroughly
  • Once you are done wiping the bin down after disinfecting it, the solution should be re-applied to sanitize it.
  • Clean your kitchen equipment regularly to prevent the development of grease or dust that traps biofilms.
Hotels and restaurants must understand that hygiene is next犀利士 to godliness and safety from Corona or any other virus for that matter is critical to protect the health of your employees, staff and customers. EssEmm Corporation advises you to stay safe indoors as per the instructions of the Government. Let’s do our part to promote a healthy society by fighting COVID 19 together.