Industrial food grinder machine

29 Jan 2021

The Cosmos Multi Utility Grinders from the house of EssEmm, one of the pioneers in the manufacture and supply of commercial kitchen equipment, based out of the industrial city of Coimbatore, boasts a world-class industrial food grinder machine viz. the Cosmos Multi-Utility grinder featuring different models including CMG 5, CMG 7, CMG 10, CMG 15, CMG 20, CMG 30 and CMG 40 built for a capacity/batch of rice 3kg, 4.5kg, 7kg, 10kg, 13kg, 20kg, and 25kg respectively. These commercial food grinders range from 129kg to 300 kg. Available build capacities include 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 liters.

Features of the Cosmos Industrial food grinder machines:

The EssEmm food grinder machines are built with a high capacity, and can produce a large amount of the required batter within a relatively short time. They have been specifically designed for application in restaurants, industrial canteens, hotels and catering. They come with a cylindrical roller construction built to grind the substance more effectively and give out increased volume of batter. The grinding speed is much faster compared to competition, thereby saving valuable time and power. The machine’s tilt lock system helps to lock it at horizontal as well as vertical position for grinding the substance and for emptying them.

Specifications of the Cosmos Commercial food grinder machines:

As the drum, motor housing and frames are made of high-premium quality stainless steel (SS), they are anti-corrosive and resistant to wear and tear over extended use. A detachable cylindrical granite roller stone assembly comes fitted with a wiper to guarantee 100 percent grinding in faster time. Another highlight of the Cosmos Multi Utility Grinders is the unique adjustable load balancing system built for uniform spread of load and for extremely effective grinding. The tilting system enables the drum to tilt in various angles, and lock at 100 degrees for convenient and hygienic transfer of batter. The product carries a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

Other popular Industrial Food Grinder machines from EssEmm:

EssEmm’s other popular commercial food grinder machines include the Cosmos Multi-Utility grinders, the Cosmos Instant Rice Grinder, the Cosmos Tilting Wet Masala Grinder, the Cosmos Instant Masala Grinder Pulveriser and the Cosmos Insta Grind – Pulveriser. Though all these machines share the same build specification, they may differ technical-wise with varying applications for commercial kitchen environments and are popular for their durable construction and high performance.