Cosmos Cooking Kettle for the Commercial Kitchen

20 Aug 2020

Running a commercial kitchen is no easy chore. This is because today’s commercial kitchens have become quite demanding, and involves a lot of processes including pre-preparation, food processing, cooking, quick service, meat-preparation, cooling, storage, dish and warewashing, etc. A commercial heavy-duty Cooking Kettle can transform a mediocre restaurant and hotel kitchen into a productive workspace. EssEmm Corporation, a highly trusted name in the commercial kitchen equipment space, has brought out its cooking kettle in the brand name of ‘Cosmos’ for heavy-duty commercial kitchen applications in hotels and restaurants, catering companies, hospital kitchens, institutions, industrial canteens, bakery, RTE and RTC and QSR chains. The EssEmm’s Cosmos Kettle 2 Cook allows chefs to perform batch cooking or mass food production since heat is applied to a much larger surface than done with a single burner on a range. Commercial kitchens that have invested in EssEmm’s commercial cooking kettle are able to achieve labour savings over the long haul by minimizing cooking times and enhancing production capacity. The Cosmos Kettle 2 Cook is designed for boiling and bulk cooking of foods such as vegetables, soups, curries, rice, lentil, saucies and gravies, etc. It comes with a mixingpaddle which ensures the food is of consistent quality. The mixingpaddle’s speed can be adjusted from 0 to 140rpm. There is a program control display unit built to store 50 four stage programs. It allows the cooking temperature to be controlled within 3 - 120 degree C along with the time of cooking. Automatic heating stops when there is no water in the jacket. It comes complete with a hand shower. The entire construction is made of superior grade AISI 304 Stainless steel. The indirect heating system ensures no food burns. Food can be discharged easily with the help of motorised tilting Available in a wide range of capacities: 60, 100, 160, 250 and 350 liters, the EssEmm industrial cooking kettle is built for uniform heat distribution. A discharge spout option allows liquids to drain easily. An integrated variable speed Mixer caters to different cooking needs. A programmable control panel allows one to easily set time and temperature.