How does Commercial Kitchen Equipment differ from Conventional versions?

A residential food business owner if asked to differentiate between conventional kitchen equipment and commercial versions would easily tell it is size—as if it’s the only factor. But do they also think of other factors when differentiating between the two? Because there are more factors that help us know what's what. Now what if the same residential food owner wants to do large volume or big batch cooking, he or she might consider upgrading to commercial kitchen cooking equipment, and therein lies the difference. The blog will attempt to cover some of the differences between the two, in addition to the advantages of upgrading to residential kitchen equipment.


If you’re just starting out on a hotel venture, volume can be the single biggest motivating factor between choosing conventional and commercial cooking range of equipment. While home kitchen use ovens, refrigerators, home stovetops and dishwashers to make, store and clean up a small batch of meals at a time, restaurant kitchens deal with different volumes of cooking at different times.


Quality is another salient factor that differentiates commercial kitchen equipment from that of conventional ones. How many times do home chefs use their kitchen appliances at one time? On the other hand, commercial kitchen’s continuous usage of kitchen equipment demands that they be made of heavy-duty material such as stainless steel (SS) or iron.

Food safety:

Food safety is perhaps the most important factor. Safety certifications and standards may differ from one country to another or even city-wide in certain cases. Commercial kitchens are designed in a way to prevent food contamination and other safety issues.

Why does one need to upgrade to commercial cooking equipment in spite of their heavy price tag? A look at its benefits would justify the logic behind the upgrade:

# Enhanced food safety

# Enhanced food quality

# Large batch of food production

# Enhanced efficiency

# Minimized energy costs

# Completely environmental-friendly

# Automation reduces production time

# Ability to produce different menu items every time

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