EssEmm Corporation launches Cosmos Cook Wok®

21 Nov 2017

Cosmos a renowned brand in the Commercial Kitchen and Food Processing industry has launched the Cosmos Cook Wok. Cosmos and Cook Wok are both registered brands of EssEmm Corporation. Cook Wok is mainly used for preparation of Indian curries, base maslas, pongal, kichadi, upma, mixed variety rice etc.  The cooking mixer comes with LPG, Natural Gas, Steam Operated and Thermal Oil based heating systems.    

EssEmm Corporation is pioneer in introducing advanced technologies into the commercial kitchens. The motto is to provide right solutions to the food industry to improve their standard in food production and to address the challenges faced in bulk cooking.

Primary parameters kept in mind while selecting the machines are (i) reducing energy cost (ii) improving kitchen hygiene (iii) minimize labour (iv) ensure consistency in taste.

EssEmm has solution for all areas in a kitchen right from cleaning of food grains, pre-preparation, cutting, grinding, steaming, cooking, frying, and baking to dish washing.


Innovations galore:

Innovation in pre- cleaning:

EssEmm has a Rice cleaner to clean rice and other food grains including dhal.  Vegetable washers were introduced in two capacities non-tilting and tilting versions to clean dirt and impurities from vegetables. Recently, Ozonator has been added as an optional attachment to vegetable washer which purifies fruits and vegetables.

Innovation in vegetable pre-preparation:

EssEmm introduced a Multifunctional vegetable cutter couple of years ago. This uique vegetable cutter slices and chops vegetables such as beans, greens, drumstick, etc., This double headed machine facilitates cutting of vegetables at both the ends simultaneously.  Long lean vegetables and greens are sliced are fine chopped at one end and at the same time bigger vegetables can be sliced / diced at the other end of the machine. This versatility makes this vegetable cutter very unique and make this machine the best companion of a caterer.

Innovation in Gravy making:

EssEmm launched COSMOS Cook wok – a cooking cum mixing machine. Cosmos cooking mixer is a rugged machine fitted with a concealed burner and an automatic stirrer.  The idea behind making of this machine is to ease the constant stirring requirement by labour while sautéing for base gravies, curries and making sweets.

The concealed burner saves LPG by utilizing maximum heat for cooking and not heating the environment.  Stirrer is operated with a variable speed invertor to increase and decrease the stirring rpm to any desired level depending on the food prepared.

The bowl is made of Japanese SUS 304 grade Stainless steel and stirrer, revolving head and burner housing are also made of Stainless steel.

Tilting mechanism for the bowl makes the discharge of food after cooking very easy and smooth surface of bowl makes cleaning simple.