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Multiutility Grinder

The Drum, Motor housing, Frames are made of High Quality Stainless Steel
Detachable Cylindrical Granite Roller Stone Assembly
The Granite Roller Stone Assembly is fitted with two Wipers to ensure 100% grinding in quicker time
Unique adjustable Load Balancing System provided for even spread of load and for very efficient grinding
Tilting system enables the drum to tilt and lock at 100 degree for easier and hygienic transfer of batter
Different capacities ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 to choose from
Comes to you with 1 Year Warranty
Ideal for
Fast Food Joints
Industrial canteens
Food Processing Sector
Ayurvedic Applications
Batter for Idly / Dosa / Vada
Almond, Pista, Cashew Grinding for Sweets
Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic paste for Masalas
Coconut, Pudhina for Chutney Grinding
Food Processing Sector
Ayurvedic Applications
Advantages of using COSMOS over other Conventional Grinders
COSMOS Conventional Grinder

Batter can be discharged to the vessel by tilting the
grinder without using hands

Batter can be discharged' only' by using hands

Cylindrical Roller Construction helps to grind the substance more effectively and delivers more volume of batter

Pestle and Mortar type construction is insufficient in nature & only gives normal quantity of batter

Grinds at much faster speed, thereby saving power and time

Consumes a lot of time due to its inherent problems

Tilt lock system helps to lock the grinder at vertical position as well as at horizontal position for grinding the substance & for emptying them


Lid is provided over the drum, it prevents dust, dirt & foreign
particles in to the batter.

No such provision

Operating the grinder is easy and any unskilled labour
can operate it because of its simplicity

Lifting of rollers and cleaning the drum are cumbersome and tiring

Hygienic & clean transfer of batter is possible

Not Possible

Unique Load Balancing System Integrated to enable pressure adjustments to the roller and thereby increasing the roller stone life and increases efficiency in grinding


Sleek & Compact Design

Bulk & Inefficient Design
Technical Features
Model CMG - 5 CMG - 10 CMG - 15 CMG - 20 CMG - 30
Capacity 5 Ltrs 10 Ltrs 15 Ltrs 20 Ltrs 30 Ltrs
Motor HP 0.5 1 1.5 2 3
Voltage 230 V 230/440 V 230/440 V 230/440 V 440V
Grinding Time
(for 60 mins of soaked rice)
3 Kgs Rice 20 Minutes 7 Kgs Rice 30 Minutes 10 Kgs Rice 35 Minutes 13 Kgs Rice 40 Minutes 18 Kgs Rice 50 Minutes
Dimensions 500 x 640x 1024 500 x 660 x 1080 610 x 770 x 1100 610 x 770 x 1150 710 x 960 x 1400
Net Weight 150 Kgs 190 kgs 210 kgs 225 kgs 260 kgs
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